Meet Bill

Bill grew up in the City of Rochester; his dad Norm worked at Eastman Kodak; his mother Kay was a school teacher. In 1974, when he was 17 years old, Bill attended the first Conservative Political Action Conference (now known as CPAC) in Washington where he got Ronald Reagan’s autograph before watching him deliver his “City Upon a Hill” speech. It was an inspiration and laid the foundation for Bill’s political beliefs and future work supporting democracy movements around the world.

Jump School
Jump School

While in his early 20s, Bill went to college, took up parachuting and traveled in the Middle East and Asia. He spent time in an Israeli kibbutz, toured Iran before the 1979 Revolution, and traveled across the former Soviet Union on the Trans-Siberian Railroad.

To pay for college and his first car, a Dodge Dart with the Chrysler slant-6 engine he bought from his dad, he had jobs as a night janitor at Eastman Kodak, in the research department at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, and in the Washington offices of U.S. Senator James Buckley of NY, and U.S. Senator Gary Hart of Colorado. He also had a job as Smokey the Bear in a National Park Service body suit, lumbering around shopping malls with a sign about not starting forest fires.

After graduating from Columbia University’s schools of Law and Business, Bill worked in New York City before returning to his hometown of Rochester, where he served with the following community organizations:

Bill co-authored the only book ever written on New York sales taxes on manufacturers, and frequently lectures to business finance professionals and accountants at tax compliance seminars. His law practice focused on helping start-up companies and small businesses secure financing and organizing to launch or grow their businesses, creating jobs and growing Upstate New York's economy.

In 1995, New York Governor George Pataki named Bill to be Commissioner and Chairman of the State agency that runs the public transportation system in Rochester and surrounding counties. He was also a member of the Executive Committee of the Genesee Transportation Council, the federal agency that plans and allocates federal funds for highway, bridge, freight and other transportation projects throughout the nine-county region in Upstate New York. While serving these roles, Bill was the only public official to oppose taxpayer dollars for the Fast Ferry to Toronto.

In 1998, Bill was appointed by Governor Pataki to be the Chairman of a State agency which funds legal services for the elderly, disabled, and other low income New Yorkers. He worked to shift funding away from politically active groups and toward not-for-profit agencies which effectively assist persons in need.

Bill spent five years as an EMT and ambulance driver with the Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance Service. He saw firsthand the negative impacts of dramatically increased, State-mandated training and paperwork requirements on volunteer ranks and is committed to working to reverse them. Bill believes volunteerism is not only a financial issue for Upstate towns but a part of the fabric of our culture we need to protect.

In September, 2008 Bill was a Delegate to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis.

In 2010 Bill became Chairman of the U.S. Army’s Community Advisory Board in Rochester. In 2011 he attended the Strategy Implementation Program of the U.S. Army War College. In 2012 he was invited to participate in training programs for future U.S. Army officers at Ft. Knox, KY.

Bill Nojay - host of a daily radio show
Bill Nojay - host of a daily radio show

Bill is now a small business owner, attorney with the law firm Hiscock & Barclay, and the host of a daily radio show which is heard on several stations around Upstate New York. The show’s production studio is WYSL in Livonia, Livingston County, broadcasting on 1040AM and 92.1FM. His show’s first affiliate station was WLEA -1480AM in Hornell, Steuben County.

Over the years, Bill has worked on over 20 local, state and federal campaigns for Republican candidates who identified themselves as fiscal conservatives fighting to protect Upstate New York’s traditions and way of life. Bill has been a member of the Brighton, Pittsford and City of Rochester Republican Committees, and in September, 2008 served as an official Delegate and Member of the New York Delegation at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. Bill continues to fight for candidates who share his commitment to the future of our region.


International Work

Government Motor Pool and Chauffeur, Chitwan District
Government Motor Pool and Chauffeur,
Chitwan District

Throughout his adult life, Bill has worked to support democracy movements abroad. Inspired by Ronald Reagan’s leadership during the closing years of the Cold War and his belief in the power of individual rights in a democracy, Bill believes citizens should direct their government, not the other way around.

After college, Bill lived in Nepal, a country lodged between India and Tibet. He held the title Research Fellow at Tribhuvan University, which at the time was simmering with what became an uprising that eventually overthrew the country’s monarchy.

In the 1980s Bill went to Cambodia without the benefit of a visa but with courtesy of Task Force 80. He worked to assist a group of democracy activists called the Khmer People’s National Liberation Front (KPNLF).

Forward Base, Khmer Peoples’ National Liberation Front, Cambodia
Forward Base, Khmer Peoples’ National Liberation Front,
Field Commanders, BN, KPNLF forward areas, Cambodia
Field Commanders, BN, KPNLF forward areas,

Upon his return he worked in Washington to support the KPNLF’s pro-democracy efforts in the halls of Congress and with other interested parties. The Cambodian democracy movement was ultimately successful; Cambodia is now a fledgling constitutional democracy and rebuilding after decades of war.



With local election officials, Kharkov, Ukraine, The Orange Revolution 2004, Round 1
With local election officials, Kharkov, Ukraine,
The Orange Revolution 2004, Round 1

Bill was in Ukraine during the Orange Revolution of 2004, where he was posted in Kharkov, eastern Ukraine, then to Yalta and the Crimean. He spent Christmas 2004 in Kiev where a tent city of 1,000 Ukrainians successfully challenged their government to allow honest voting.

In 2010 Bill went back to Ukraine for the Presidential elections, where he monitored elections in Uzhgorod which is north of Transylvania near the Carpathian Mountains.



Team Mazar e-Sharif, Afghanistan, near the border with Uzbekistan, 2005
Team Mazar e-Sharif, Afghanistan,
near the border with Uzbekistan, 2005

In 2005 he was in Afghanistan to monitor elections with a delegation from the International Republican Institute.






FDI president Kenneth R. Timmerman, BN, Rep. Bachmann, former CIA Director R. James Woolsey; Washington, 2011
FDI president Kenneth R. Timmerman, BN,
Rep. Bachmann, former CIA Director R. James Woolsey;
Washington, 2011

Bill is currently a Director and Secretary/Treasurer of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran. FDI supports the Iranian democracy movement from inside and outside Iran and has a Board that includes various long-time pro-democracy activists.






Green Square, Tripoli, Libya, 2008, under Gaddafi’s banner
Green Square, Tripoli, Libya, 2008, under Gaddafi’s banner

Later in 2008 he travelled in Libya, observing during Ramadan celebrations how interested the young people were in American schools and politics after decades of repression under Col. Gaddafi. Their unrest later gave rise to the so-called Arab Spring.







Personal and Family Life

Bill and Debbie
Bill and Debbie

Bill’s parents Norm and Kay live down the road from Bill’s family home. Bill’s wife Debbie grew up in the North County of the Adirondacks and is a nurse with a not-for-profit agency providing care to the developmentally disabled. They have raised three children; two are in college and one is a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune, N.C.

Bill has been coach of his daughter’s travel soccer team and Odyssey of the Mind team, and when his 12 year-old son decided to take up kayaking, Bill took lessons with him, almost drowning while learning something called an Eskimo Roll. He later joined the Board of Directors of the Genesee Waterways Center, which promotes kayaking and canoeing in the area, and remains an enthusiastic kayaker along with his wife Debbie.

Bill is a member of Outlet Rod & Gun Club and the Genesee Conservation league. He shoots pistol and trap; he is a member of the NRA and the Shooters Committee on Political Education (SCOPE). Bill is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

Bill is a Baptist who supports religious freedom and opposes government intrusion into religious life and practices.

Whether working to create jobs in Upstate New York or traveling overseas to support democracy in countries whose people look to America as a beacon of hope, Bill has fought for jobs and a free economy, individual rights and a government that answers to its citizens.

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